What is Dragon Tiger





This Dragon Tiger Software/App is highly precise in identifying the predictions from any table i.e. stable or unstable. Please watch below our private tutorial video which we haven’t shared with the public on youtube. Because if it goes public, casinos will try to trace the algorithm behind it.

On the first look, it might seem like they are just random cards but the truth is different. Dragon Tiger cards are shuffled by machines first and then are shuffled in front of the camera by the shuffler. The shuffler shuffles the cards in a particular way always and their way of shuffling is so precise that whenever they want they can change the patterns of play at the time of shuffling itself.

But this software will not let you down, just learn the steps in our private forum, practice, and start using it. One of the easiest systems ever developed using AI Technology.

Dragon Tiger is simple and easy to play casino game. It is fundamentally a two-card rendition of baccarat. To be more explicit, two cards are drawn, one to the Dragon and one to the Tiger. The player bets on any of one side either dragon or the tiger and to make double the profit. There are likewise great recommendations based on our Dragon Tiger prediction Software which helps you get better results while betting.